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Latest Gapps Download for Android

What is Gapps?

Gapps are android google apps such as gmail,google maps, Google playstore etc. Gapps may not come bundled in custom android ROMs, they need to be flashed separate.

It’s not easy to gather all google apps and flash each and every one of it to your device, so the Gapps usually come in a package that can be flashed with custom recoveries

Open Gapps are up to date and latest gapps packages built and managed by where they always provide most recent Gapps package for all android devices and versions. They mention that the updates of gapps are done automatically through some buildscripts and at each night there are new updates available.

So if you are looking for latest gapps, head over to

If you want contribute to the team or join its discussion, it’s here in the XDA

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