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Photoshop Preview PSD File On Windows Explorer

How to Preview Adobe Photoshop PSD Files on Microsoft Windows File Explorer

psd preview windows


What is a PSD file?

Adobe photoshop PSD files are files that contain all informations of your graphic design projects such as colors,shapes, logos of your photoshop project that you worked on before, the main purpose of of a PSD file is to store your project for later use, so you may save your project files to work on later, to send the project to someone, etc. resuming the project later is as simple as just importing the PSD files to the Photoshop and continue your graphic venture.


But when you want import the project later, all you see is an icon named PSD, How do you find the PSD file that you need from a bunch of other PSD files on your computer? the unhelpful PSD icons will not show any previews so you have no idea where the project that you want right now is…Maybe all you have is a name of the file to identify it, but that is not helpful either. so what to do? …there is a solution


Why is windows explorer not showing a preview of a PSD icon?

The windows doesn’t support or don’t have the codec or program to show the PSD content preview, so what we need is a software program that will help the windows to recognize these PSD files and output a preview, but what software?


Previewing the PSD files on windows 10 and other versions

For previewing a PSD file in the windows explorer, you need to install a software, here i recommend SageThumps.

According to the software developer, SageThumps is a powerful program that will allow preview of some uncommon file formats of images. you can install this software and can start seeing previews of the PSD files that you need, saving your time looking for a psd you need.

You can download the software from this link SageThumps Download



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