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Pixbaby App for Android – Search HD Images and Wallpaper Backgrounds Online

A Cool Android app is Here to Search your Desired Wallpapers and Images in HD

Want search and download High Quality HD images,backgrounds,vectors and wallpapers etc that you can use anywhere for free from your android device?

Here it is, this is a nice piece of android application that i forked and fine tuned from github.  Using Pixabay API, this makes one of the best android image search apps that can search in the vast wide world of beautiful images, millions of them and find the images that you looking for – also downloads them to your device in High Definition quality.



The main attraction of this software is that it can download images that are copyright free – which means you can use the images that you download from this app anywhere, even in commercial projects, no attributions required.

Yes, pixabay has millions of images and counting up daily,updated daily by users around the world, even you and i can upload your own images to pixabay.


What does this app do?


  1. Searches pixabay for the images that you looking for
  2. Or you can Just browse the gallery
  3. Download your desired wallpaper to your device in HD
  4. Share the image link with your friends easily

So back to this app, you can download it directly from this site or from the google playstore.






Version 2.82

Developer Ziddique




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