Ported DTS Headphone X Download for Android

The DTS Headphone:X is a surround sound system, it can probably make ordinary headphones sound like surround sound or stereo virtualization and this is now ported for Android.

Be it music, movies or games, headphone:x can deliver mesmerizing sound effects to your headphones.

But sadly this port has some limitations as follows –


  1. This port requires Android Pie powered devices
  2. Needs Root (supersu/magisk/phh/los)
  3. Needs TWRP/Magisk
  4. Kernel Support

Issues and bugs

This port may not work on non-qualcomm devices ie- mediatek etc. you can try though

Remember that using this port on stock roms may get you in lots of bugs.

The effects may not work for Bluetooth devices.

You can get updates for this port in the XDA thread here


  • Download the zip here
  • Flash using TWRP/magisk

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