12V DC Dual Power Supply Circuit Diagram

Regulated Dual DC 12V DIY Electronic Circuit Diagram

This circuit can be used to create your own Dual power supply

What Exactly is a Dual Power Supply?

Some circuits require a dual power supply (eg-Op-amp ICs,pre-amps,power amps) to double the input voltage.

dual power supplies will have 3 outputs, known as (+)positive, and (0V) or GND, and (-) negative, example a TDA2030A(a hifi amplifier IC) will not work from a single rail power supply because it is intented to use only with dual powersupply.

The Circuit


Circuit created by ziddique, first used in my old blog ziddique.wordpress.com


So here is the easy to build dual power supply circuit, this circuit can output regulated 12V output with 1A current. The positive regulator is 7812 positive 12V regulator IC, and the 7912 is a negative 12V regulator IC.

This circuit can be used to power pre-amps and low power amplifiers if they need a dual power supply,

Note: Two heat sinks should be attached on the ICs to reduce heat and increase life

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