Replace HDD to SSD – A Guidance

Is Buying and Replacing HDD with SSD Worth It?

Absolutely yes, a Solid State Drive is Faster than older Hard Disks, in terms of Speed & Endurance and all.
A Hard Disk speed is around 150MB/s. while SSD can achieve a speed of around 530-600 MB/s. If you replace your PC or Laptop Hard Drive with SSD, you will realize how fast your computer has become. Booting in few seconds, Apps Opening speed has significantly improved & overall PC functions are faster, this way you can turn your old PC or Laptop to a new modern computer without spending lots of money buying a new one

  • System boot is faster
  • Apps load faster
  • Overall system performance & response is faster

Comparison of Read & Write Speed

I use SAMSUNG 870 EVO 500GB SSD, in the screenshot below, you can see the difference.

In the screenshot above, you can see the SSD Write Speed is 509 MB, Read Speed is 549 MB.

The ST1000LM is a Sea Gate Hard Disk and its Speed are: Read – 116 MB, Write – 117 MB. This is a big difference

How to Replace the HDD with SSD

It can be easy, if performed with guidance. There are a lot of YouTube videos explaining how to do that, all you need is remove your laptop or CPU Enclosure cover and remove the HDD and Replace it with SSD, the SSD will fit perfectly well in a SATA III port. Remember, you will need reinstall your Software (Windows or other OS) or Move your software to SSD from HDD with a specialized software tool.

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What to do with the old HDD?

HDD caddy

Do not throw your Hard Disk away, it still can be used as a secondary storage, you can install OS in SSD and save other files in HDD.

In my laptop, I replaced my DVD drive with a HDD caddy and inserted my HDD in it, my laptop now has 500GB SSD and 1 TB HDD. I installed my OS in SSD and save large files to HDD

You can also use your HDD as a portable USB storage with a special enclosure pack that converts it to a USB storage.

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