Root and Install TWRP Recovery on Lenovo K4 Note

This tutorial is only for Lenovo K4 Note, Also known as: Lenovo K4 Note A7010a48, A7010, Lenovo Vibe X3 Lite.

This was tested on K4 note build number A7010a48_S232_161227_ROW Marshmallow 6.0 successfully

K4 note phone

Lenovo k4 note is quite old, but i still use it because of it’s awesome specifications. i hope many people still use it and some of them are looking for a successful rooting solution.

Many people, including me who tried to root k4 note faced some issues, the main issues were

  • The phone would stuck in Fastboot mode in the bootloader. this is caused by driver problem
  • The phone would go back to original lenovo recovery even after successful recovery.img flash
  • The recovery not opening, stuck in black screen but there’s vibration when you tap on screen. this is brightness problem of TWRP recovery. just wait for 1 – 10 mins in this mode (tap the screen sometimes incase screen time out) , the recovery will open, brightness will return

In this tutorial, i have addressed all these issues and have provided all the files in zip file.

keep in mind, rooting can damage your device if you don’t know what you are doing, but if you follow this tutorial without missing any steps,the root can be successful

So let’s start

You need

  1. Computer (windows OS)
  2. USB Cable
  3. Lenovo K4 Note A7010a48
  4. Some Files
  5. Time and patience 🙂


Enable Developer Options

Open your phone Settings > About phone.

Tap on the Build number 5 or more times. this will enable developer options

Open developer options and enable OEM unlocking, it wll show a warning, just tap enable. this will allow you to unlock bootloader. bootloader unlock is needed to install TWRP recovery.

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Next, enable USB Debugging


Drivers Installation

Download the zip file and extract all the files inside it to a folder.

the password for the zip is “zidsworld”

Install adb-setup-1.4.3 file, this file contains all the drivers, including fastboot drivers.


Unlocking Bootloader

Connect your phone to computer with USB cable, allow USB debugging always from the computer.

Double click on the “unlock_recovery.bat” file, now your phone will reboot to bootloader.

If the phone is stuck in bootloader showing Fastboot MODE, we need select the drivers from device manager. open the windows device manager and you should see a new device with a yellow mark named android, this is the fastboot loader and it needs the drivers to continue.

Right click on it and in the appearing menu, select “Update driver software“, and choose “Browse my computer for driver software” and select “Let me pick from a list of device drivers on my computer“.

In the list of drivers, you should see the “Android Device“. this is the fast boot drivers that we installed earlier in step 2, now we need select it. Select and install the drivers.

After installation of the drivers,the computer now should recognize our phone fastboot now. If not, you need restart your phone.

Press and hold the power button of your phone till it restarts, after restart, connect your USB cable and double click on the “unlock_recovery.bat” file. phone will boot to bootloader. it will ask for conformation to unlock bootloader, press your phone “Volume Up” button to confirm. now the bootloader will be unlocked.

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Flashing TWRP Recovery

Now we need flash the TWRP recovery, Go to the ADB folder, hold Shift + Right Click, a menu will appear.

Select “open command window here“, the command prompt will open. type adb devices, it will show your device in the list

Next, type fastboot flash recovery recovery.img , the TWRP recovery will now be flashed to your K4 Note and a mesage showing “finished” will be shown in the Command prompt.

Now we have successfully flashed TWRP recovery in your device.

Next we need reboot your phone to recovery. press and hold the power button till the phone turns off, relase your finger from power button and then press and hold the the Volume up + Volume down keys of your K4 note at the same time and then press and hold Power button till you feel a vibration, keep holding the Volume up + Volume down keys, but release the power key after vibration.

Now the TWRP recovery will be opened, if not, release all fingers and tap on the screen, if you feel a vibration but no lights when you tap on the screen, do not worry, this is an issue i too faced, it is a problem with the TWRP recovery brightness settings. just wait now for 1 – 10 minutes, and then click on the screen or the volume button, the screen will light up!. that is it. The TWRP is ready on your K4 note, if you don’t want this black screen issue in future, go to TWRP settings and reduce screen brightness below 30%.

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Rooting and instaling Super-SU

So i guess you have now successfully flashed the TWRP recovery, now we need root

from the zip file, move “” to your K4 note’s internal or external storage.

in the TWRP recovery, select install zip and locate the “” and install it. this will install root and Super-SU in your device. that is it, you now have Rooted your device.

Do a Backup of your Rom,nvdata, boot etc. nvdata can contains your IMEI informations, if you ever lose your IMEI, you can restore it using nvdata

You can see this Youtube video to understand the steps better. if you face any issue, let me know in the comments

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4 thoughts on “Root and Install TWRP Recovery on Lenovo K4 Note

  1. i have followed all the steps correctly and my phone installed twrp but when i try to reboot to recovery using adb reboot recovery then it goes to stock lenovo recovery

  2. My Lenovo K4 note end up with getting in to continuous reboot after step-3
    Please help..!

  3. Bestest explanation on how to root Lenovo K4 Note i have gone through… Nice work!!!


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