Run Debug Android App Over WIFI Without Root Android Studio ADB

How to debug/run/test your Android app over wifi in Android Studio

Tired of connecting and reconnecting your USB cable when you are developing android app in android studio? faulty and loose USB cables causing you headaches and limiting your development potential?

Here is a tutorial to help you connect your device to adb over wifi.

In android studio, i tried some plugins, different ones of those, to connect my android through WiFi when running and debugging, but all of those plugins did not work at all, all those plugins keep showing the message that i need connect to the same WiFi network, which i believe i did with no luck.

So i finally found a solution, it doesn’t need any plugin, just a few lines of commands in the terminal of android Studio.


Here are the things you need for ADB on WiFi

A WiFi enabled PC or Laptop

USB cable

Android device

Android studio of course

Functional Terminal


How to connect your phone to ADB  through WiFi


Turn on WiFi Hotspot on your Android Device and connect your computer to that WiFi

Connect your android device to your computer via USB Cable, it should be recognizd by android studio

Open the terminal window in android studio and type “adb devices” the terminal window now will show a list of devices that you attached to android studio

Now type adb tcpip 5555  in the terminal, it will now restart in tcpip mode

Now disconnect the USB cable from your PC

Go to your phone settings,and get your device IP address, it should be in the about section of your android device


Come back to the terminal, and enter adb connect IP:5555  in place of IP, enter your IP address, for example – 12.90.555.0. that is it. if everything go smooth, your  terminal will show the message “Connected




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