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      1. Hi,
        I received an email from Todo Life Science Research and Lab. My contact is Dr. Noah, the offer is too good and they say they will pay in advance so I don’t have to worry about the money. We agreed about the cost of the product and they about to send the contract however they ask me to provide my personal details including my valid ID. I totally understand that it is needed but I don’t have the security on my end since I never seen this person and totally don’t know this Lab. I googled them and only found 1 website and nothing much about the organization. If you can give me suggestions or advice it would be very appreciated and a big help. Thanks.

        1. Hello. I am contacted with the same person. They give me contract but I didn’t sign because I see some agreement that is not worth my work and then they send me a waybill of the bank draft. I didn’t pay the tax of the bank draft that they say that I needed to pay. Then now they say that they fund someone and I think that the reason why is because I didn’t send him money. This is a total scam. Don’t fall for this email staff. We think that they were legit because of the sites that they are using but please guys don’t send money. They are looking for an item supplier, they must send us money to operate and find for them and not to pay them any certain amount. Please guys, know your worth. It is a total scam. Think twice.

  1. Thanks you admin
    I got such email and I thrashed it from from my email
    I the email the person name was Dave wanax do this guy’s change their name in every scam
    Please let me know

    Thanking you
    Ishan patil
    [email protected]

  2. Thanks for letting us know! I’m a Greek guy, and this bozo has tried to scam me, as well, by appearing as annnn….American woman (…by the alias JENNY JAMES, at the dating site) and telling me, that she was working for this company, based in the middle east, and more specifically, at the UAE! It was thanks to his stupidity, of placing the name of that company, at my email, and my vigilance of searching first, before doing anything else, and of course, thanks to this posting of yours, that managed to open up my eyes, that helped me, disclose him at the end….otherwise, I don’t even know what could be the final outcome, of all this, if I didn’t had input such as this one! People….be careful of this scam! He’s a “slim customer” and a jerk! Don’t fall for his lies! BE CAREFUL!

  3. Oh my God! I just received that email yesterday. I was about to fall for it, goddamn!
    This person even sent some of her pictures, Jenny is her name by the way. She said her company will fund me, to buy 5000 bottles of that oil at $250. And then I go and buy at $39 then we share the profit.
    But what does this person really want??
    Is there any company that funds? And then you’re victimized?

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