Here at, we provide the following services:

  1. Android App Development

  2. Android UI Designing

  3. Android Code Fixing

  4. Android Icons Designing

  5. Web Designing

  6. Logo Designing

  7. Domain Registration and Hosting

  8. Advertisements

We do all of these services for a fair price, or lowest price that you probably can’t find anywhere else. For example, android code fixing – such as adding functions to an android app like – adding permissions, adding webview upload code, webview download code etc is charged only $2 (120 indian rupees) – or a cup of coffee price. We offer this service to all countries.

If you want me fix your android code, you need send me your java file by Email, i will fix it and then send it back to you,you can then add the code to your project, it should work and it is guaranteed.

You can pay with Paypal,direct bank transfer (NEFT,IMPS),UPI or any payment system that your country supports. Send Email to [email protected] for details

If you want any of the works that i mentioned above, just send an email to above address, low prices guaranteed.

For seamless communication, you can contact us with WhatsApp : Zidsworld WhatsApp group