Simple LED Flasher Circuit Diy

555 ic based simple LED flasher Electronic Circuit diagram

First published in my old blog back in 2010s

This simple circuit using 555 timer will flash one blue (or more) LED within a set time

The 555 LED flasher Circuit

The time to make a flash depends on the value of C1 capacitor.

You can add more LEDs for a high level flash, but you have to reduce the value of R3 to 300 ohm or 100 ohm, the maximum current output of (pin 3 of 555) the circuit is 200mA.

You can experiment with C1 by reducing or increasing it’s value for diffirent flashing levels, this circuit can also flash two set of LEDs alternatively, if you need it you can ask below and don’t forget to leave a comment if you need any help.

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