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All Social Networks in One Android App

Social cloud is an android app that packs most popular social networks such as Facebook,twitter,LinkedIn etc in one simple app that is low as 2 mb in size,and with nice features such as night mode,Google search etc

I created this app that is both light weight and convenient with features such as

  • Night Mode or Dark Mode
  • Day Mode
  • Instant google search
  • Image download on long tap
  • Light weight
  • Planned to be updated with more social networks in future
  • Doesn’t overload your phone processes like official social network apps
  • You don’t need to have separate apps for all your social networks as all or most of your social networks are under one app
  • You can get your favourite social network in dark theme or night mod

Of course this app doesn’t have all the fancy,modern mighty features of official social network apps. in fact, all this app does is simply load the desired social network’s host.

if you found this app useful, please let me know in the comments below.

if you want me add your favourite social networks in this app, or you have any features or ideas for this app, kindly contact me or use the comment below.

Download social cloud

Current Version : 1.0

Size : 2 MB

For Android Version : 4.1 and Up

Last Updated : 12/26/2017

Download Link

Download (Google playstore)

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