Specifications Maker Software for Android

Phone Specs Maker App for Android

Those who own a smartphone,laptop or other tech gadgets reviewing websites will need create specifications tables on their contents for the device they are reviewing, this may not be easy because each time you review a website, you will have to input html tags,CSS and the specifications itself in each tables. because every device you review will be different and comes with different specifications.

What if it is possible to just select the specifications from a menu and the specifications will be added to your table on click of a button? It is possible and you will have all the html and prefixes added to the table automatically and you can just copy all the html,specifications and the table itself to your website, You will save a ton of time, for the html prefix and suffix, you can go to settings and set it as you like.

So i created this app for android that can do all the things i talked above, it is available on google PlayStore to download. Currently the app is in it’s infancy stage, but still have all the features that i mentioned above, try it today and let me know how we can improve it

Screenshot of the app


You can download it from Google playstore. Here is the link

Download Specification Maker

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