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The Effective Way to Prepare the PMP Exam in Two Months

The Effective Way to Prepare the PMP Exam in Two Months

The PMP was initiated by the Project Management Institute of the United States. Since its introduction in China in 2000, the PMP has been highly loved by everyone. In particular, the current needs of enterprises to project managers raise the threshold. Everyone is also learning PMP project management skills and thinking ability seriously. It is also mentioned in front of the article that the PMP exam is rigorous. So we should be responsible for our own business to choose the right method and approach. PMP simulation test questions help us in the examination of the PMP, which play a key role. We only choose the correct way to practice more and do more PMP exercises.

The course arrangement of PMP training institutions is usually about two months. However, the bases of many friends are not solid, which makes them slow to master the project management knowledge system, or time constraints resulting in the lack of time to prepare for the exam with their low learning efficiency. Here we are going to introduce you to the PMP preparation method so that you can prepare for the PMP effectively and pass the PMP exam in the preparation time of two months.

First of all, when we signed up for the PMP training class, we started the PMP learning journey of project management. We can divide PMP learning into four stages. And in the study should pay attention to intensive reading of the “PMBOK guide”, read other preparation materials, be appropriate to do simulation, and focus on the team learning.

Stage 1: Get familiar with the framework and theory of PMBOK Guide and understand the key points of PMP exam.

In the first stage, pay attention to preview before class, mark questions, take notes in class, and communicate with teachers and classmates more. PMP students who take the classes online can properly communicate and learn on social software, and write down the key points in the video courseware.

Stage 2: Deepen the understanding of the details of the textbook and get familiar with the PMP exam style.

The second stage of learning is to make and implement the learning plan, listen to the classroom recordings, and effectively use the leisure time to learn. Five process groups, ten knowledge areas and 47 process groups are studied in detail. Find out the style of the PMP problem with the homework questions. Summarize the wrong questions and their causes after the mock exam.

Stage 3: Comprehensively sort out the weak links of the PMP learning and fill in the remaining knowledge points.

The third stage is a very important process. I studied and discussed my weak links in the PMP learning and discussed them according to project management books and materials.

Stage 4: It is the sprint before the exam. You need to make the complete comprehensive review.

This is the last stage of preparing for the PMP exam. I need to comprehensively sort out the key points and difficulties that I have not yet understood, and try to make sure that I can fully understand them without omission.


Those who are learning online can easily connect with the teachers and other fellow students through the communication tools that are available.


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