The Importance of Having a Mobile Phone Charger in Your Vehicle

Motorcycle and other vehicle Mobile Phone Battery Charger Tutorial and a bit Life experience of its importance

Having a mobile phone charger in your vehicle can be very useful today because when you are travelling, you don’t need worry about charging your phone. This can be more useful if you are traveling a long distance.

Not long ago, i was travelling on a motorcycle from a major city to my family’s house that is in another district in Kerala – my state. I didn’t know the route there, the sign boards in the roads were not showing relevent guidance. They were showing just the main city or common places names to which I am totally a stranger. But, I was not actually depending on the sign boards, I was using my best travel companion, yes the Google maps.

Recent updates of G maps have messed it up a bit. To be honest i liked old Google maps. It was simple, fast, and accurate and honestly the maps developers should not mess up it’s update it’s better to leave it in the most stable accurate update they can ever do. and since the focal point of this post is not about Google maps, we will leave it here and go back to the relevance of this post.

So I was spinning my motor to the direction that maps pointing me to. Remember I’m totally a stranger to this place, I don’t know anyone here, so my only hope was the maps that never failed me to show the direction except in some cases after update¬†of maps.

Of course I can get direction if I ask to people, we always do it. We can’t rely on technology always because they need power, yes voltage and current.

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Without power they will not function a bit. Since when are we started depending on technology? A few years. maybe 50 years?.

I’m depending on the maps because it always show best routes, traffic info and favourably – the fastest and easiest routes, shortcuts which most ppl are unaware.

The maps showed me 102 kilometres to my destination and it was getting dark. My wife is with me and I am sure the maps will get me to the destination, it never failed to do otherwise.

But, something unexpected started to happen,yes my phone battery was running out, around 16% juice left in my battery and we have to travel 3 more hrs to our destination according to maps.

I didn’t expect the premature demise of my battery ?, it was my mistake I should have remembered it and buy a power bank or something before the journey through unknown places.

And it was getting dark, the phone dead in the next half hour and we stopped to ask direction to people, we proceed to the direction they told us, unfortunately, those directions were the longest, the actual distance showed in maps were 102 kilometers but the direction people told us were around 192 kilometres!!

We asked many people if they know a faster route only to get a negative answer. But the Google maps know the shortcut that could have saved 90 kilometers. That’s the day i decided to install a phone charger in the motorcycle because sometimes people Don’t know the shortcuts to some places.


We were in a little panic because we are a couple riding through unknown places in a motorcycle at night, nearly midnight. Fortunately, we got home. They were worried they couldn’t call us because our phones were dead. They thought something bad happened to us, and they were happy and well once they saw us back in home. :). Do you see the importance of having a charger handy now?

This wouldn’t have happened if i brought a power bank with me or if my motorcycle did have a charger.

I don’t like power banks much because most of them die in a few days. I prefer a source of constant supply of power, the motorcycle battery is nice source, it won’t die after few days and you don’t need charge it because it is done automatically.

Photos of my custom built vehicle phone charger

So i installed the charger in my motorcycle myself, what i did was buying a module that will convert 12V to 5V, a USB port, a switch and some cables. You can see how i built my own vehicle charger in this site. And yes, with a little bit of knowledge, you can do it too..

Most motorcycles and other vehicles come out now with phone charger already installed, if your vehicle doesn’t have one, you can follow my tutorial to build your own charger under $4 cost. you can search in this site for the tutorial

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