The Real Amazing Facts of Human Body

The information and facts posted in this site is truly from my personal perspective, this facts are not just random facts that i collected from internet, but from my own personal experience and perspective.

Scientifically i can’t provide anything to back these facts, they are just my own discoveries about the human body

Human body is an amazing creation, it is created intelligently

It grows itself, heals itself, takes care of itself and at the end of it’s time, helps itself to be recycled by mother nature

The real facts of human body

1, Yawning is the signal you are very relaxed , it helps you to relax more and prepare your body to help sleep

2, The heart is adaptive, the more intense work or activity you do the more strong it becomes

3, A strong heart doesn’t need to beat fast,
The stronger the heart the less effort it needs to deliver oxygen to various parts of body system

4, Drinking alot of water is good for body, it helps to flush toxins and unwanted substances out by urinating alot

5, Deep abdominal breathing is relaxing the body by activating sympathetic system. It slows heart rate, blood pressure. This can be used to relax ,sleep better etc when you stressed, but you need train at it

6, Sleep is essential for human body, to repair itself and rest the organs

7, The better heart-healthy you are the less effort it requires for you to do intense jobs

8, Less breathing when you doing intense activity means your heart is at it’s job

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9,High bright light at night can interfere the circadian rhythm and can disrupt your sleep

10, Panic disorder can be caused by something, like a drug that you use, for example, the tobacco poisoning or something that used in tobacco to alter it’s effect

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