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Top 5 Development Programming Languages

Becoming a qualified developer is hard work. To maintain a level of your knowledge and be aware of all new ways of programming is another side of this hard work. To run quicker than your staff or your team is the third part of it. Coding is more a lifestyle than a job so before you start choosing the language answer all the questions below.

  1. Are you ready to study your whole life?
  2. Do you believe that web development is the best direction in the whole programming world?
  3. Do you understand that after 10-15 years young programmers can be more qualified than you?
  4. Are you ready to spend your free time coding and transform it into your hobby?
  5. Are you a team player or a lonely coder?
  6. Are you ready to break a stereotype of programmer appearance? and finally
  7. Are you ready to earn good money for your favourite time-spending?

If you feel excited answering all these questions then you are ready to jump into the world of coding and the next step is to find out the best language.

Development Programming Languages You Should Know About in 2021

There is no one right answer for everybody so we are not going to give you any direct advice but we want to introduce the top 5 web development programming languages. The perfect news is that you shouldn’t make a choice for your whole life and you can change the language when you want. Sure, this will discard you for some years of experience but if it is your dream it seems not so long.

  1. Python. Python is famous and popular in the IT world and it is not an accident. A huge community, open libraries and tools, a lot of information and a variety of solutions are available for every Python coder. This language is friendly for beginners so it is a farsighted decision to start your career with Python. If you decide to change specializations for example for data science, artificial intelligence or even video games your language will suit your new sphere. It is not a young language so it doesn’t have too many modern features but it is time-tested. You will not lose anyway if you decide to connect your life with Python.
  2. JavaScript (JS). Some programmers say that JS is the best language for web development. But we have a question about this statement. Why did other languages appear in this case? Anyway, JS is on our top list. This language is also time-tested so has a wide community and a lot of scripts and solutions. It serves client and server sides and it is very comfortable for development. It is not difficult for beginners and allows you to start working as a junior developer as quickly as you feel ready because of the high demand on the market for JS specialists.
  3. PHP. This dynamic language is comfortable and user friendly. Perfect for beginners and give uncountable opportunities for professionals. We all know what WordPress is. This application was written by PHP so thousands of people who create simple (or even not simple) websites using it are already PHP developers. PHP is more suited for server-side web applications. As the two languages above PHP are also truly popular and have open communities that are always open for discussions and ready to help and share the experience.
  4. Ruby. Talking about web development and Ruby the whole world means Ruby on Rails. It is a web framework written on Ruby and given a special name. It is an object-oriented and high-level language. Its syntax is close to Python so it won’t be a problem to switch between these languages for development if necessary. This fast, open-source and secure language that appeared in the 90th deserves attention and Twitter, Airbnb and others confirm this.
  5. Go. This young language was represented by Google and took a strong position thanks to its simple syntax, smart documentation and security. A lot of start-ups in Silicon Valley chose it for their development. A lot of Google projects and applications use Go and this decision opens a lot of horizons for this language. It is not like time-tested languages but modern and innovative. It is an open question if it can take a place among leaders but developing on Go is gaining momentum.

How to Make Your Programming Advancement Easier

For what it’s worth we are sure that it is not all about the language you choose, it is much more about how well and fast you learn it, how close you are to getting into the real field and working. Before you take any real project to work on, you need to finish at least some education related to the language you choose and computer science in general. Obviously, there are stories we all read, about young programmers becoming successful without any formal education. It is possible, but it is rare, and you cannot count to get in those 2-5%. Formal education is not about getting a diploma (though it is not a bad idea in general), it is about fundamentals. You can combine education with actual projects, diversify your time and attention, and delegate some tasks to a reliable programming help service, such as AssignmentCore where you can find someone to do your programming assignments for money. Why is it a good choice? First of all, you get help with coding and other computer science assignments when you need it. You don’t miss deadlines, and you can plan your work as well. Students receive assistance from programming experts and use their materials further, for other assignments. This way, paying once for programming help, you utilize it at least several times.

Some programmers can say that the list of top 5 web development languages must contain other positions but we believe that this list is perfect. As far as you know there are hundreds of languages in the world and each of them has followers. But we believe that it is a good idea to start from the knowledge that is demanded all over the world so you can find a job easily as a junior, middle or senior specialist. Remember that the IT world is open and ready for new members. It is not a close club that is impossible to enter. If you have enough motivation and your brain works logically you will become a great specialist in a few years.

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