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Update Samsung Galaxy S2 Gingerbread to Official Jellybean 4.1.2 (Need Root)(No Computer Required)

Upgrade I9100 to Android 4.1.2 official jellybean, No PC needed to flash

This is a very old tutorial that i posted in my old blog when i used my S2 back in 2014 or so.. i repost it here in case some S2 lover still use that old beast. S2 was a great phone but after a few years of use, my S2 display was failed so i switched to lenovo.

Before you do anything, backup your data! Data such as personal information, contacts, apps, music etc. So you won’t lose them

Keep in mind that this tutorial is intended only for Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100

So let’s start

You need:
1. A rooted S2 (GT-I9100 Only), Don’t try it on other versions of S2 but GT-I9100
2. Download MobileOdin
3. 4.1.2 Firmware to flash
(Download it from the link below) ,This is official firmware
Download 4.1.2 Firmware
4. Battery must be a Good battery charged 80%, Just to make sure phone won’t die when flashing ROM

  1. Open MobileOdin that you have installed on your phone and grand root Access on SuperSU
  2. In MobileOdin, select “Open File…” and Locate the Firmware Zip file that you have downloaded on mobileOdin and unzip it
  3. In Mobileodin, open the unzipped “.md5” file, ignore other files. apply tick the options (wipe data,everroot,inject SU,Inject mobile odin)
  4. Verify sign “OK” if asked
  5. And if everything is done exactly as mentioned, select “flash firmware

Now your phone will boot to Flash mode. Don’t touch any buttons or remove battery, it will completed in 10 minutes maximum, Good luck!
And don’t worry, it’s safe if you do exactly how i mentioned to do…:-) Don’t forget to back up your data before do the update..i updated my S2 this way

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