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Upgrade Samsung Galaxy SII I9100 To Kitkat 4.4.4 (I9100 Only) (No need pc and root)

Yes, now your Samsung Galaxy SII can also have kitkat!

UPDATED: 14/02/2015 , This post was originally posted in my old website zids dreamyworld, as that website is being shut down soon, the post had to be transferred to this site, Dead Links updated



* – Your phone must be I9100 (not i9100G,i9100P or other variants) international version. go to settings > about phone > and make sure your phone is i9100

* – You must have at least 50% battery

* – Save, backup all your contacts and Apps/games before do this, or you gonna lose them all. Sd card and external card will not be deleted

* – Download and move these files to a safe folder to External Sd card



Download it here: XDA philz cwm list

1 – A * ( Warning!) after completed install philz cwm, reboot to recovery (volume up, home, power) , select Back up and restore , and back up your /efs from the next menus. This is important, it backs up your phone imei, and incase your phone has no signal,no imei after flashing this kitkat, just come to this philz cwm after installing it, then Restore it.

2. Download Cwm.kitkat.compatible. i9100.Zip here: CWM Kitkat compatible

3. Download Cyanogen Mod , Here: Download ROM 4.4.4 cyanogenmod

Use 3G or Wi-Fi to download this,  don’t use slow networks because file may corrupt


4. Google Apps (Small) –
gapps-kk-20140105- here: Google apps and select Gapps small for CM11


Starting the Flashing Process

1. Switch Off Your Phone, Boot into stock recovery
(volume up+home+power)

2. Select “ Apply update from external Sd card ” and go to the folder where the mentioned files that you downloaded earlier saved, and select and Install PhilZ-cwm6-*****- and wait…

(Warning!) – Do the /efs backup as explained in 1-A , if you do not do this, you may end up with a phone with no signal!

3. After finish that, turn off phone and Reboot into Philz recovery
(Switch off and volume up+home+power)


4. Do a full wipe, wipe data, wipe cache, wipe dalvik cache (it’s in the menu options)

5. Select install Zip and Install and wait till it’s complete…

6. Reboot into CWM (volume up+home+power)


7. Wipe data/factory reset, Wipe cache partition, Advanced>Wipe dalvik

8. After finishing wipe, Select install zip and Install and wait a minute…

9. After the installation complete, Select install zip again and Install gapps-kk-
and wait..


10. After installation complete, Reboot and all done.

– first boot will take a few mins (sometimes more than 15 minutes) So Don’t panic 🙂 i have done this and successfully upgraded my S2 to kitkat




If there’s any errors or problems, drop a comment below, i will help 🙂

Enjoy the new kitkat 4.4.4 on S2!

Also search in the site how to get best battery life, signal and fix overheating of S2. My kitkat 4 4 4 is better than stock 4.1.2 with different modems, kernel etc



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