Verify Ownership of your WordPress Website Easily for Google Search Console

How to verify ownership of your website for google search console easily

Verifying your website for google search console may not be easy if your website is built with WordPress software or you are not interested digging into your cPanel. but in this tutorial, i got you covered, yes it can be quite easy.

In this article,we will be verifying our site with the google recommended method – HTML file upload. in this method, you need to upload an html file into your website to verify your ownership to that site and then open that html file with a custom link, for example –, this is a direct link to the html file. but with WordPress, we can’t get such a custom direct link directly.

So what we are going to do is install a plugin that will help to create a custom link, then create a custom link and make it redirect it to the html file that google provided you to upload to your website.

Let’s Start

Search and install the plugin “Shortlinks by Pretty Links

Activate the plugin

  • Upload your google verification html file to your wordpress website through the media uploader and copy it’s link

Pretty Links Explained Screenshot

  • Go to the Pretty Links plugin and select Add New Link
  • In the Redirection field, choose 301(permanent) from the drop-down list
  • In Target URL field, paste the link of that html file that you copied
  • In the Pretty Link field, enter the exact name of that html file including it’s extension, don’t rename the html file. the file name must be exactly like it was when you downloaded it from search console.
  • After everything done, your link should look like this example “

That’s it, now you have the link ready, hopefully.

Go to the google search console and select verify. if everything went smooth, you will see the below message

Now i hope your website is verified in the search console 🙂

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