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What is a PCB and the importance of PCBs

The PCB stands for printed circuit board. PCBs are used  everywhere in almost every part of life.

The PCBs are used in almost all the electronics equipments such as cell phones, televisions, cars, airplane, washing machine and almost every part of our life.

What is the use of PCB, does my electronic project need them?

I was always curious since my childhood about electronics equipments. I have seen television, radio, video player and a lot of electronics things in my childhood and I wondered how these things work, these things just seemed magical back then

As I grew up, I understood how these work a little bit, because I started working with electronics as a hobbyist and created many things from FM transmitters to audio players, and they all were built without PCBs and it was not reliable idea (I was just learning), so yes, for reliability and longevity of your circuit, PCBs are important

Can my circuit work without PCBs?

The problem with those things I created were they would stop working after a few days or few weeks, because I used common board or just solder connection. Those boards had full of holes for component leads and I used copper wires to connect them.

Those circuits were not stable, then I understood why, because for electronics circuits to work properly, they needed PCB, the PCBs are like foundation of electronics components such as resistors, capacitors, integrated circuits etc. The PCB holds all the components and parts together neatly in a relatively small space.

For example, we have the soldering iron to solder components together, we can solder from part to part, we can solder one component to the other, but if you used soldering iron to connect every component lead to lead, the whole thing will get very complicated and it will take a lot of space and technically this is almost not possible, this is where we need PCBs.

The PCBs help also to troubleshoot components and remove, replace when necessary, imagine you do it with a solder to solder circuit, it would be terrible and there is a high probability of short circuit and causing fire.

How to Build PCBs for your Projects?

So we learned the importance of PCBs in an electronic project, now let’s see how to get PCBs for your projects

Of course you can create your own PCB with the copper board. There are software to draw the circuits, then you can dip the board in some chemical called ferric chloride (pcb etching). But the problem with this approach is it’s hard, there might not be precision, you might make mistakes, and the whole thing can become useless. It’s ok for small circuits but I would not try this for complex circuits

Electronics parts need good connectivity to other components to work efficiently, so what I do is draw my circuit using circuit drawing softwares and create gerber files, then you can use these gerber files to build your high quality PCB with professional PCB manufacturing companies.


I personally suggest, they are professional PCB making company and they have cost effective plans as little as $5.

All you need is provide the gerber files and they will create the PCBs for you using precise and advanced PCB etching machines. They have more advanced and modern machines and have been in this field of manufacturing PCBs and electronics boards for a long time. So don’t think twice when you need PCBs for your projects, PCBway is something you can count on for their reliable and cost effective services.

For more details of pcbway, you can use their website : pcbway.con

Seeed Fusion Service also offers one-stop prototyping services for PCB manufacture, PCB assembly and as a result they produce superior quality PCBs and Fast Turnkey PCBA from 7 working days. Check out their website to know about their manufacturing capabilities and service

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