What is Business Version

What is business version source code?

In some source codes we sell on this website, you can see “business version“, let me explain this you.

The normal version of a source code, such as webview advanced plus, costs just $10 – $15, because these normal versions are for your personal use only.

The normal version should be used to make apps only for your own websites or personal use, you are not allowed to make apps for your customers for money using the source code.

But if you want make apps for your clients or customers in return of money or for commercial use, you must purchase the business version. We will grant you a license so you legally have rights to use the source code for commercial use without violating the rights

Advantages of normal version

  • Make apps for your own websites only
  • Maximum allowed apps you can make are 3 apps, if you have more than 3 websites, please contact us, we may grant you additional numbers
  • Not allowed to make apps to your customers for money
  • Personal use only

Advantages of business version

  • You are allowed to make apps for commercial or personal use
  • You can make apps for money or as a service to your customers
  • You get code updates first
  • You get priority customer support
  • You can make unlimited apps
  • You get a license file with your name or company’s granting you legal rights

So i hope you can understand the differences now.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact us

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