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What is the meaning of life?

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What is meaning of life? Where do we come from? Where are we going? What are we in this infinite universe?

Hmm..Isn’t this a question that we are still looking for an answer?

For centuries, or from the start of humanity, the first human have looked far into the vast sky and wondered about the existence of his life and all that things that he see around.

This endless world around him, the earth, the water, the natural life,the stars,the moon, the planets that appear and disappear most nights, with raised curiosities, what a tiny thing a human is in this vast infinite universe where a man is still special, the most intelligent thing that a Creator created but the man is also the most cruel thing the universe ever had to perceive.

In the silence and serenity of the nights, i still wonder about this mystery like many other souls that have existed and passed this realm, this loneliness of my life makes me not forget these unanswerable questions.

We have came this far, we have evolved with rapidly advanced technologies ,we send satellites to the space believing the space may have a glimpse of clue to these questions, looking for a Creator, looking for an answer that will justify our existence, looking for life in other infinite dimensions, but all go to vain, billions of money poured into this research at space to find a trace that may not exist, imagine how much life we could have saved with that amount of money that we spend in space research and alien life exploration? , a lot. A lot of hungry children may have.

The earth would be a better place if we stop looking for life in another planets destroying the life on this one

A lot of them wouldn’t have died of starvation if only we could spend a portion of money spent in space technology for them

So the meaning of life can be found by helping others who need help so bad, the meaning of life can be found by wiping tears of other people

I’m not saying that researching and technology is bad, technologies have helped us a lot, but space technology

(Will be continued )

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