Whatsapp Support in Android Webview

Make Android Webview Support whatsapp opening and sharing

The whatsapp messenger being the most widely used messenger in the world has become a very important part in our lives and businesses.

How to Open Whatsapp from Android Webview

To support opening and sharing contents from Webview to Whatsapp, we need add codes in Shouloverrideurl method, this code should check whether whatsapp is installed or not. If whatsapp installed, it should open whatsapp and the intent.

We have developed an Android Webview Template (Source Code) you can use it to support Whatsapp opening and many other features including menu, navigation, file upload and download etc. You can import the source code to android studio and easily edit the source code. Here is a small list of the features supported.

  • Opening WhatsApp
  • Sharing contents to WhatsApp
  • Opening a direct chat from WhatsApp link from Webview
  • Telegram Support
  • Email opening Support
  • Call directly etc

For a full list of features and to download the source code, head over to this page Download Android Webview source code

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