When will i get my Startapp Earnings?

Startapp is one of the app advertising companies focused on serving ads across mobile apps.

When will startapp send your money?

As a publisher, you might be wondering when your earnings will be sent to your bank account, we will learn about it in this page.

Before the startapp can process your payment, it must be reached the payment threshold that is $50. If you have already reached it, you need wait another 30 days, because the startapp payment is issued in NET30 term.

Payment Conditions

  • Payment threshold must be reached ($50)
  • Wait 30 days after reaching threshold
  • Payment will be sent after waiting 30 days.
  • Payment will not be sent on holidays

For example, If you have reached $50 threshold by june 30, then your $50 will be sent on August 1 – 5. Remember, that the payment might delay if the payday isn’t a business day

Startapp payment proof

I have been a Startapp user for a few year, and here is the proof of my earnings from Startapp

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