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Will Blue Host Really Refund your Money On 30 Days Money Back Guarantee?

Blue host is a web hosting company located somewhere in the united states. i was attracted to their cost effective plans and signed up there to transfer my website from godaddy to blue host.

What happened?

After signing up there, i realized their navigation and control panel etc seemed difficult for me to understand, i didn’t like there at all. i know it can be simple if you are good at it, but i just regretted and bounced back to godaddy.

I lost money there..

I chatted with them for refund because they have a money back guarantee system, they said they would give me a full refund of $112!, guess how much i got back in my account? just $95!

That’s a loss of $17, for nothing! what did they charge me for $17?  Signing up fees?, processing fees?, whatever the reason, that’s an instant loss of my hard earned money, so do not believe in their money back guarantee, well they will give you back but only after taking the undeserving share of your hard earned money

Blue host maybe good service, but if you want a refund, you will lose some $


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