Windows 11 may support Android Apps

Android may come to windows 11!

The new windows 11 OS is coming soon with many new features and surprisingly, with a pleasant news that the windows 11 may support Android apps seamlessly!

This is going to be a true game changer for windows OS because android, as you know has millions of apps and games. Most people now depend on emulators to run android apps on windows. But emulators, from my experience, are slow and sluggish.

If it really happens, a lot of people are going to use windows happily. For android developers like me, i hope this is going to be the same as i expected – fast and seamless android apps. This will help us to debug and run android apps faster than emulators. Looks like the age of Android emulators are going to end along with chromebook etc.

Reportedly, the android apps can be downloaded from windows store and Amazon app store.

That’s all we know so far, let’s wait and see how it’s going to be, can’t wait!

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