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XAPK Installer Download for Android

Download XAPK installer App for Android

An Android app with XAPK extension may not be installed with the Android default installer for now, the xapk installer can do it.

An .xapk file can contain android app and other files such as game data obb etc.

Xapk installer is used to install multiple files to different locations on your device, for example, the xapk installer can install or move a game data folder such as obb data to it’s location automatically, so you don’t have to worry about manually moving it.

How to install an app with .xapk extension on Android?

For installing xapk, open the XAPK installer app, it will scan your device for xapk apps and will then install the app.

Basically, the .xapk extension is just a zip file, you can open it and see or edit some contents of it by renaming it to .Zip extension


File location – Google Drive

Size – < 3 MB

Download XAPK Installer

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